Small Board Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial for the game, I barely could make the game work properly, so forgive me for the poor learning curve.

General rules & Goals

You control two pawns - heroes working for good of the kingdom - and your mission is to find the king's crown and take it back to the castle.

Each pawn have two actions, which can be:

wait just pass the turn.
move walks a single tile depending on the tile type (see below).
attack attack one tile. It ends the pawn's turn immediately.
pick object pick the crown if you are at the same tile.

The tiles may have a special cost to walk on it, or even be unwalkable at all. The table below show the costs to walk on a tile:

1 action - dwarves require 2 actions.
2 actions - elves require only 1 action.
Unwalkable - dwarves may walk for 2 actions.

After your pawn, the game will take its turn, performing the following actions (in order):


Elf Mage
the elf mage

Attack: 10
Defense: 5
Range: 2

Spend 1 action to walk on forests.
Human Mage
Pana Cota
the human mage

Attack: 25
Defense: 0
Range: 1

Elf Ranger
the elf ranger

Attack: 15
Defense: 5
Range: 1

Spend 1 action to walk on forests.
Human Warrior
Greta Marieta
the human warrior

Attack: 2
Defense: 15
Range: 0
Dwarf Warrior
the dwarf warrior

Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Range: 0

Can walk on mountains for 2 actions.

Spend 2 actions to walk on plains.



Attack: (same as the amount of goblins)
Defense: 0

Attack: 10
Defense: 6

Attack: 20
Defense: 20